Friday, November 4, 2016

Polybutylene plumbing...Poly...What?

Polybutylene Plumbing in Southwest Florida

If you know what I'm talking about then you could probably write in with your own take on the subject.  And I welcome your personal experiences in the comment section below.  It is important to know if you have this particular type of plumbing if you are considering the sale of your home.

Polybutylene plumbing was manufactured as a low cost plumbing alternative, and manufactured from 1978 to 1995.  This plastic type resin material was thought to be easier to install and made it a favorite in this building time phase.  Ease of use and price made it really attractive.

Image result for picture of polybutylene pipe
Pictured above is an example of Polybutylene piping

The reason for this blog post is the growing awareness of the product and the increasing concern for home owners.  One estimate stated nearly 10 million homes was affected by the plumbing product.  The product was showing when in contact with chlorine and other chemicals from the water, it could cause the product or the fittings to become brittle and sometimes fail.  This has been a growing concern, and the material is no longer produced.  This doesn't change the fact that many homes still contain the product and have been adversely affected if the product would fail.  This would result in water damage and high costs to restore the property.

The most recent trend is for mortgage companies not to loan on homes which have turned up polybutylene plumbing in the inspection report.  They are not willing to insure a home that might have the potential for this sort of damage.  Another issue is through homeowners insurance, if the product is currently in the home.  Not all companies will insure, and those that do can be more expensive.

If you are considering selling your home, it would be worth your time to find out if your home has polybutylene plumbing.  Replacing it before going to market, can save time and potentially losing a Buyer in the inspection phase of the sale.  I have had customers recently in which it has turned up in inspection.  And I have also had customers recently that proactively replaced the polybutylene prior to going to market.

If you are curious to learn more, and want to know some of the vendors that my clients have been satisfied with in their re-plumbing, give me a call.

Hoping you don't, but if you do, it can be fixed!

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